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iPhone Getaway Episode 5: Squealing pigs, a chicken carpet and the scariest butcher EVER…

22 Jun

I finally got YouTube working, with some of my videos at least. So here is the ALL-NEW iPhone Getaway Episode 5, featuring probably the most amazing morning I’ve had yet in Bali! I stayed at the beautiful, quiet Alila Manggis on the East coast of Bali (same place as I filmed the organic garden) and they took me to the local market, AWAY from all the tourists. It’s called Klungkung and it’s mental, smelly, chaotic and real. A real taste of how the Balinese live! I loved every second… even the seconds in which I encountered a demonic butcher.

If you’re interested you can read my full review of the Alila Manggis on TheTravelEditor here! xx

iPhone Getaway, Episode 4. Afternoon Tea with Dinosaurs…

20 Jun

Yesterday I was taken to this amazing organic garden by the guys at Alila Manggis, where I stayed last night. The resort is on the east coast, so far more peaceful and quiet than Ubud, and right by the sea! The beach has black, volcanic sand and there are more families than honeymooners, which is fine by me. I like families. They don’t make me want to throw up quite as much.

This garden is stunning, like something out of a wildlife documentary. Visitors at the hotel often donate seeds and plants to grow here, so there are all sorts of pretty flowers from all over the place sprouting up amongst the basil and peanuts, to keep the bugs off the veggies. Bugs attack the flowers first, you see, so the gardeners can tell when their crop is about to come under attack.

They grow all their own vegetables and spices in this garden, and sometimes take them to the chef in the hotel. I had a cooking class with this guy today… more on that later. But I made this short video in the organic garden, just to give ya’ll a taste of the scenery in this place. A-MAAAA-ZING.

Again, until I upload these on YouTube, you’ll have to click this link to watch the video.

Oh, also, I’ve been having some VERY weird dreams in Bali, which could somehow be linked to the curse of the island. I’ll write more about those later… I’m about to head off to witness an eco project the hotel are doing with the local kids. They’re teaching them to pick up plastic and save the Earth. Isn’t that just LOVELY! x

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