A Gili Air Share…

15 Apr

Thought I’d share a few piccies from today on Gili Air. The sky really was that blue!

I always love heading over to the second biggest Gili island as it’s so photogenic and definitely a lot more peaceful than Gili Trawangan. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Gii T, but it’s a bit noisy, and dare I say, a bit dirty in some parts, now.

Development is happening so quickly. There’s a spa here now, on the spot that used to be home to a flea-ridden cinema showing pirate movies. I watched movies (whilst scratching my bare legs) on that very spot only last September! There are foot-eating fish in tanks there now.

Anyway Gili Air is one of those rare places on planet earth that actually does look in reality, like it looks in everyone’s photos. In some places, it’s almost like an exterior designer has wandered round discussing with God where to place the palm trees and the corals.

Hard to imagine places like this are out there, glistening in shades of aqua-marine and sending rays of sunshine straight through to your soul… especially when you’re shivering through a dreary winter, swiveling in your office chair, dreading the walk home because it’s minus twelve outside. In the Gili’s the sun has always got his hat on and he’s always coming out to play.

I’m seriously thinking about doing a seven night/eight day diving trip in May from Gili Air to Komodo, to see the dragons! It’s just less than AU$1400 and includes all dives and all food on the liveaboard boat, with a company called Gili Air Divers, if anyone fancies coming along. The diving is supposed to be incredible. It’s not enough to just look at the ocean from the Gili’s you see. You’ve got to get in a little deeper.

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