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How to write your own name…

11 Jan

The other night I realised my signature is absolutely pooh, which is not a good thing to realise when you may have to be signing books for people in a few week’s time. Urrrgh. It’s been a squiggle vaguely resembling my initials since I fist got an ID card, back when I was 14. So, after practicing on my good friend Autumn’s advance copy, (the very first book I’ve ever signed, incidentally, huzzah!) I’ve decided to adopt a little heart at the end of ‘Becky’, which might be totally LAME, but is at least, legible.

It’s a bit weird actually, having to think about things like signing books. Sounds like a right egotistical thing to have to do, doesn’t it – practice writing your own name? I’ve not had to practice writing my name since I was three, (Elmo helped me!) but in the last few days I’ve been sitting in “meetings” pretending to listen, while absentmindedly writing ‘Becky’ all over my notepad. It looks like I’m dreaming of marriage. Perhaps I should start adding my imaginary boyfriend’s name to the sheet, too, so anyone who happens to glance at it won’t think I’m totally mental. If only Elmo could help me now.

To be honest, writing with a pen is getting progressively more difficult, the more I use computers. Don’t you agree? I mean, who the hell holds PENS anymore? Teachers, parking officials and maybe the odd doctor, but that’s about it. Everyone else carts about an iPad, or BlackBerry.  Writing is soooooo 1934.

Anyway, I will keep practicing. And oooh, I got a box of gorgeous, glossy Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries books delivered the other night, which was very exciting. Here are some pics of the occasion. I remember watching a movie once, in which a writer received a big box of his books and opened them with his wife. I think it had Brad Pitt in it… or was it Slumdog Millionaire? God I am shit aren’t I… I can’t remember. But anyway, it was very exciting to do the same! Almost as exciting as learning to write my name – back when I was three. x

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