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Photos from the launch party…

4 Feb

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Woweeee, my amazing friend Autumn Mooney did a remarkable job capturing last night. I love that word… remarkable. I don’t use it enough. Check out these piccies! Huge thanks Autumn, you rock!!! Obviously I have removed the ones that make my arms look fat from this selection because I’m a bit vain. OK, a LOT vain, (oh come on, you’d do it too) but I have made a silent note to hit the gym, instead of just talk about hitting the gym, so I think that makes it alright. (Seriously, sorry to go on but why is it just my arms that look big? Does anyone else have this problem? It seems to be just the top bit… you know the bit that looks on the verge of becoming a bingo wing? My wrist is still quite skinny but everything above it just gets gradually bigger and bigger… like it’s being pumped with helium or something. This never used to be the case. Urrrgh. Reminds me of that bit in Friends when fat Monika says she looked big because of the camera, and Chandler goes “How many cameras were on you?!”)

Must be all the late night Pie Face.

Anyway… I digress, it was such a fun night, and in spite of losing my sheets of paper to the gust of wind created by a giant fan, I managed not to say anything too stupid (I think). Lots of wonderful people came, and I do believe I signed about 50 books. That was so strange, by the way. I had a table and everything. At first I couldn’t bring myself to sit in the chair because I felt silly,… like a fake…. like I shouldn’t be scribbling on all these lovely books and ruining them. But people let me, so MASSIVE thanks to everyone for that. And huuuge thanks to Ariel Books, especially to Steven and Julia, who were so hospitable. And everyone from HarperCollins who were just gorgeous as ever, and gave me a very gold and sparkly bottle of champers. Oh and my mummy and daddy sent me some champagne too – how lovely of them. Thanks mummy and daddy.

So yes, I think I have sold about 60 copies so far. To my knowledge. That’s pretty good I think. 60 is better than none. It’s still on the bottom shelf of Dymocks though. Damn them!!!


How not to write a launch speech…

2 Feb

It’s not easy, penning my thoughts for tomorrow night. I don’t really like being the centre of attention (OH SHUT UP, I DON’T!!!!) and reading aloud to a room full of people is something I’ve hated ever since a primary school teacher made me stand up and recite the alphabet on my first day, and I could only pronounce the letters phonetically. Everyone looked at me like I was weird, which I may well have been, but as I’ve said before, Elmo and Big Bird seemed to think that was the best way to teach me, and who argues with them??

I still don’t know how many people are coming to the launch tomorrow night, but the sudden realisation just struck me that while I have always been a pro at organising events, I usually only organise them for people I know. And when it’s people you know, you don’t really mind if you come across as a bit inarticulate (read: PISSED). When it’s people you don’t know, however, it’s probably not a good idea to grab a mic and slur ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart” like you’re in a karaoke bar, or expect the audience to think you’re funny when you try and burp the names of your most honoured guests. Of course, I wouldn’t even think of doing either of these things. Well, that’s a lie, of course I’ve thought about it, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this whole paragraph, but I probably SHOULDN’T, and that’s my point. Dammit.

It’s been a bit of a mad couple of days… yesterday I signed some books for the store Angus and Robertson and watched them stick these little shiny ‘signed by author’ stickers on them, which was so weird. And then when I walked past again they had put them in the window! I wanted to take a piccy to document the occasion but nerves got in the way and I thought the lady in the shop might think I was a moron. When I went to snoop in Dymocks, they had put three copies on the bottom shelf of the travel memoir section, which we all know no one ever looks at. I stood there for a while, fighting disappointment. It’s kind of tough you know… knowing how much work you’ve put into something, all the hours, all the heartache, all the hangovers… and then when the end result appears, it’s shoved below a MILLION other books with no hope of ever competing. It’s not something you can really moan about though. Because as soon as you moan, everyone just says you’re lucky it’s there at all, which is true. Very true. I shall not moan… but I won’t lie either. I want a Burqalicious SHOP. I want t-shirts and airplanes printed with golden, sparkling wings to match. I want a Burqalicious charity for abandoned black items of clothing. I want special edition Burqalicious Marmite and Burqalicious Arabic tea bags by Tetley. I want a Burqalicious theme park, like Harry Potter got. These are all things I also won’t be saying in my speech, by the way. So sssssssh…

Today I got my first Amazon.com review, which was also pretty cool, and my good friend at the Telegraph wrote a lovely piece and posted it on the website along with that burqa photo. It’s all a bit bizarre, seeing things like cool promo style shots, considering I started out taking stupid photos like the one above, which I just dug out again for amusement value. (It’s actually a painting, but doesn’t he look real?!)

I suppose my speech tomorrow will just end up being one of gratitude really, more than anything else. Because in all seriousness, that’s the overpowering emotion I’m experiencing right now, regarding all of this. Gratitude for all the people who’ve supported me so far, to my friends and family who’ve bought the book already, to the amazing people in the diary entries themselves, who I loved and sometimes lost; who inspired me and when it mattered most, loved me back. And gratitude of course, for the magnificent team of people who pulled together and turned my random scribbles into the book that’s now on the bottom shelf of Dymocks.

Thanks! And see you tomorrow at the launch! xox

The official invite to my book launch (yay!)

24 Jan

Come one, come all! Although I’ll be sending an email invite out around Sydney very shortly, consider this your official invitation to my book launch, for Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries on Feb 3rd at 7.30pm, at Ariel Books on Oxford Street. SYDNEY! Don’t forget to RSVP to beckywicks@me.com if you want to come, so I know how many packets of crisps to buy.

No seriously, I’m meeting with the lovely Steven at Ariel Books tonight to discuss things like catering, so no one will have the misery of experiencing my cooking/soggy defrosted scotch eggs and supermarket-own-brand biscuits. I’m hoping to get some lovely Middle Eastern nibbles and some even lovelier bubbles for everyone. Hopefully, you’ll all get so tipsy you’ll buy my book – HURRAH!!! (sssh)

Tell your friends and bring them too. It’s gonna be a fabulous night… and oh… are you a guy who’s thinking this really isn’t your cup of Arabic tea? Well, think again. You might just meet your soul mate here if you’re single, as I have lots of hot friends. I do like bringing people together.

Speaking of hot friends, the awesome Michelle is going to be doing a little speech on the night, (thanks Michelle!). She’s really funny… way funnier than me. So there’s really no excuse. Book it in your diaries!


A millionaire’s launch party…

6 Jan

Just as I expected, planning a book launch is not going to be easy. I thought I found an awesome place yesterday, right in the funky depths of Sydney’s Surry Hills, called Souk In The City. How fitting! But I just got an email back:

“Thank you for taking interest in Souk in the City, and for the opportunity of hosting your upcoming Book Launch function on Thursday 3rd February 2011 for approx 50 -60 guests.

The Price per person including all the food, champagne cocktail, wine and beer on arrival is: per person for 3 Hours $115.00. For your Event we can provide that to you for 3 Hours $110.00 per person or 4 Hours $120.00 per person.”

So yeah, they’ve offered me a bit of a discount, but still, I can’t afford that can I?! If 60 people actually do turn up, that’s $6900 out of my own pocket, just to keep them all supplied with booze and canapes. That’s the price of a 7 day cruise round the Caribbean. And if I had that much spare money in the bank I’d be ON a cruise round the Caribbean. Hmmm….

I don’t think I’m expected to pay a price per head for this thing, as much as I’d love to. That would be one helluva party and everyone would DEFINITELY buy my book! Maybe even two copies each if I got them pissed enough. But seriously, I have to find another way. Surely there’s a funky bar space out there that will let me hire it without forking out so much cash?!

ANYWAY, I’m off to get my book now, wahey! I’ll worry about the launch later I guess…


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