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Russell Brand is gonna be the best Arthur, EVER

11 Feb

I love this new trailer! OK, I’m an incy bit biased because it has my favourite man in it, but it looks really funny! I think this could be the start of TONS more movies for Russell Brand. Oooh, do you think if I tried to write one about him, gave him an awesome role as himself and sent it to him, his ego might make him read it, and consider starring in it, and consequently fly somewhere to meet me, privately? DO YOU?

OK, fine. Forget it. Just watch this lovely trailer for Arthur. Can’t wait! 🙂

One step closer to HEAVEN…

7 Feb

Thanks to my lovely friend Stuart for taking this picture in Brisbane (somewhere) yesterday. It’s as close as I’ve ever been to my dream man, Russell Brand.

Notice how our covers are quite similar in style and colour? Russell’s has got gold, mine has got gold. His has got white writing, mine has got white… buildings. His has got a face on it, mine has got a face on it. GOD, WE’RE JUST SO SIMILAR!!!

If we were sitting next to each other, we would swap many, many witty words. His would be wittier than mine of course, but I wouldn’t mind because I’d be lost in his eyes. Although I’d be wishing he’d met me before Katy Perry, and that I was as pretty as her, he’d still charm me off the shelf, after seriously flipping my pages.

Although he’d swagger off in his tight jeans and skinny belts, changed momentarily for meeting me but forgetting me instantly, leaving me alone (SO ALONE!!!) I would still thank the heavens for our personal encounter, on that one special day, when we shared much more than just a book shelf.

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