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Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries is @Borders…

26 Jan

Well, it’s on the website at least. Check it out! It was actually featured in today’s newsletter, as pointed out by my good friend Verity this morning. Yay! Exciting! They’ve got the wrong cover up, mind you. Not sure why, but hey, it shows the progression in artwork, doesn’t it! I still think this old cover idea was pretty cool anyway, LOVE the Arabic window thing! The guys n gals at Harper Collins came up with a few designs and they were all Sex-And-The-City style-fabulous.

Shame it’s so blimmin’ expensive over here. At home in the UK you can pick up a new book for 8 or 9 quid, but here it’s almost 30 bucks. Sheesh! Maybe they print on nicer paper in Australia; paper that’s been danced upon by magical butterflies, fluttering good luck charm over every word. Who knows. I hope people buy it anyway. Eeeek. This time next week it will be on the shelves!

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