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A Day in the Life…

9 May

My friend Autumn Mooney is a great photographer and she recently took some pics of me for a photography project, which she’s kindly sent to my inbox in case I want to use them for anything. Obviously I’ve deleted the ones where I look really minging (there were a good few, trust me) but the rest I really like! Isn’t she talented!

The project was called ‘A Day in the Life’ and all shots had to be taken indoors without flash. So she’s captured my life as a writer… although of course I don’t usually take my computer to restaurants, that one was a set up. As was the laptop smash. You can see them here if you like.

I forgot how much I love photography. I used to take pics all the time, but not as good as this, obviously. I am getting itchy feet again… I need to take my own camera somewhere interesting. Hmmmm….

I’ve not left Australia since last May. That’s the longest I have ever been without leaving a country IN MY LIFE. I’ve been thinking a lot about Vanuatu lately. I want to take my computer somewhere nicer than my living room table and local coffee shop… maybe that’ll inspire me a bit more. It needs to be cheap though.

Sometimes I think even the middle of Tokyo is cheaper than Sydney. If anything’s gonna make me smash my laptop for real, it’s the rising cost of my somewhat stagnant lifestyle. I feel like I spend money in my sleep in this city! Where’s cheap for a writer to work, do you think? All suggestions welcome.

Photos from the launch party…

4 Feb

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Woweeee, my amazing friend Autumn Mooney did a remarkable job capturing last night. I love that word… remarkable. I don’t use it enough. Check out these piccies! Huge thanks Autumn, you rock!!! Obviously I have removed the ones that make my arms look fat from this selection because I’m a bit vain. OK, a LOT vain, (oh come on, you’d do it too) but I have made a silent note to hit the gym, instead of just talk about hitting the gym, so I think that makes it alright. (Seriously, sorry to go on but why is it just my arms that look big? Does anyone else have this problem? It seems to be just the top bit… you know the bit that looks on the verge of becoming a bingo wing? My wrist is still quite skinny but everything above it just gets gradually bigger and bigger… like it’s being pumped with helium or something. This never used to be the case. Urrrgh. Reminds me of that bit in Friends when fat Monika says she looked big because of the camera, and Chandler goes “How many cameras were on you?!”)

Must be all the late night Pie Face.

Anyway… I digress, it was such a fun night, and in spite of losing my sheets of paper to the gust of wind created by a giant fan, I managed not to say anything too stupid (I think). Lots of wonderful people came, and I do believe I signed about 50 books. That was so strange, by the way. I had a table and everything. At first I couldn’t bring myself to sit in the chair because I felt silly,… like a fake…. like I shouldn’t be scribbling on all these lovely books and ruining them. But people let me, so MASSIVE thanks to everyone for that. And huuuge thanks to Ariel Books, especially to Steven and Julia, who were so hospitable. And everyone from HarperCollins who were just gorgeous as ever, and gave me a very gold and sparkly bottle of champers. Oh and my mummy and daddy sent me some champagne too – how lovely of them. Thanks mummy and daddy.

So yes, I think I have sold about 60 copies so far. To my knowledge. That’s pretty good I think. 60 is better than none. It’s still on the bottom shelf of Dymocks though. Damn them!!!


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