What’s Burqalicious in Russian?

29 Apr

Как удачливый я должен иметь книжное дело с российским издательством. That, according to my nifty oline translater thingy means, “How lucky I am to have a book deal with a Russian publishing house.” Which I am. YAY!

Of course, I’m VERY excited to see how it looks in such a…. such a… well, such an interesting language. It looks a bit like hieroglyphics really doesn’t it? I’m especially intrigued to see how they’ll translate the word ‘Burqalicious’, which doesn’t actually translate at all, unless you create several words from its meaning. I had a go at it myself. Here are a few ways they might choose to name it differently, all of which look quite pretty, but might actually wind up taking up the entire cover. Hmmm…

“Woman in very nice burqa” translates to “Женщина в очень хорошем burqa”

“Dazzling item of Arabic clothing” translates to “Ослепление пункта арабской одежды”

“Beautiful lady in burqa with shopping bags” translates to “Прекрасная леди в burqa с хозяйственными сумками”

I’m gathering there’s no actual word for burqa in Russia? Interesting.

Anyway, I’m sure they’ll do a marvellous job and I can’t wait to see what extra bling they add. Or how the fleet horse sounds when spoken aloud in such a fascinating language. Delightful!

There was an awesome Russian restaurant in Dubai we used to go to quite a lot, called Troika, in the Royal Ascot Hotel. They had a great menu, none of which I can remember because my eyes were permanently glued to the live performance acts that took place as we dined. The Russian dancers would dress in the most incredible outfits, all feathers and hats and sequins and stilts. The best part was the singing… or was it the fat old man who used to sit in the corner, dressed in a leopard print shirt, surrounded by beautiful ladies with pencilled-in eyebrows and fur jackets? Hmmm… it all got kind of blurry most of the time, thanks to the vodka.

I think each copy of “Ослепление пункта арабской одежды” in Russia should come with a free Troika restaurant pass and a shot of vodka. That oughta sell more copies.

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