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Burqalicious in NW…

3 May

I haven’t really seen too many reviews of my book… and who knows, maybe that’s a good thing. But I was still quite excited when someone told me they’d seen one in this week’s NW magazine.

Before you say it, it’s not really a review – as such – rather a mention. They haven’t passed judgement or offered an opinion at all, like they have with Calling Romeo next to it. But still, they gave me half a star more than Alexandra so I’ll just be grateful that someone liked it an incy bit more, even if they haven’t said why.

I  took this piccy of it on page 85 with my phone, because I’m too cheap to buy it. Yes, that’s right, I’m too cheap to buy a magazine featuring a mini-review of my own book. Tragic isn’t it. Thanks to Sydney’s extortionate living expenses, it was a choice between buying the mag, or buying my lunch.

I chose a chicken wrap, and very nice it was too.

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