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Katie Piper is ‘Beautiful’, cry cry cry CRY!!!

5 Aug

I’ve never cried so much reading a book as I just did reading ‘Beautiful’ by Katie Piper. I feel compelled to tell EVERYONE to go out and get it. I picked it up at the airport yesterday in Singapore, read it the whole way to Bangkok and sobbed my way through a hotel brekky this morning in front of a bunch of strangers as I finished it.

It’s such an amazing true story,…. Katie was a model and aspiring TV Presenter in the UK, with the world at her fingertips, when she met a guy on Facebook who proceeded to fall in love with her, obsess over her and eventually rape her in a hotel room. He then had a stranger throw a coffee cup full of industrial sulphuric acid in her face, scarring her for life. This book is her true account of what happened and the emotional anguish she endured as a result of having her life snatched away from her, on a street outside her house.

As a bunch of angelic people surrounded Katie to help fix her face, including her surgeon and a specialised treatment centre in France, she had to find the strength to give evidence in court and stand in front of the man who ruined her, as he LIED about raping her. He never even showed any remorse for what he did and is currently serving just SIXTEEN years in prison. This doesn’t seem fair for such a monster. I actually think he deserves to burn in hell, just like Katie did after his mate threw the acid on her beautiful face.

Katie has since got her life back on track however, which is great to hear. Simon Cowell now supports the Katie Piper Foundation which aims to help people suffering with burns, and since Channel 4 made a couple of documentaries about her, she’s inspired so many more people around the world to stand up and be courageous in the face of horrific injuries, both physical and mental.

What an incredible woman. She deserves all the happiness in the world. I’m so glad I bought this book, go out and get it too!

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