A lovely little snack for Spiderman…

19 Aug

I couldn’t bring myself to do it…just look at this!!! I was absolutely fascinated by the concept of eating spiders in Cambodia, but just looking at their hairy legs, with the bristles poking ominously through that sticky barbecue sauce was enough; like giant fuzzy twiglets stacked high in a frying pan.WRONG WRONG, AMILLION TIMES WRONG.

Tarantulas are a Cambodian delicacy I’m glad I didn’t try. Jamie on the other hand tucked right in. Well… that’s a lie, he tentatively sampled a stray leg, eating it quickly so as not to taste it, swallowing it down in one manly gulp so the spiky hairs wouldn’t brush the sides as he maintained his dignity and pride. A wise move I think. A man’s move. A man’s move at the encouragement of an aracnophobic yet awestruck woman. “Oh go on, just go on, eat it! Eat the whole thing, pleaaaaaase Jamie, pleeeeease, just eat it so I can video it…”

He says it tasted like a pork scratching.

Even dead these things terrify me. I can picture them coming to life in the wok, scrambling around for dear life among the chilli flakes, wondering how best to attack the tongs trying desperately to coat them in batter. Creatures like this are not meant to be eaten though, are they? They’re meant to stay in holes in muddy walls, away from terrified eyes, where they can’t offend anyone. Here though, they’re sought out, snapped up like special edition Oreo cookies. Ugh.

Still, major points to the man for sampling a spider leg as I stood by, squealing. Next time, maybe I’ll be braver. Jamie says he’s going to leave the window open back home in Melbourne, so an abundance of new, free snacks can crawl on in, haha!!

You can take the man out of Cambodia, but you can’t take the Cambodia out of Spiderman.

One Response to “A lovely little snack for Spiderman…”

  1. Taylor at 12:29 pm #

    Yo, Bex! looks like you’re still having a hell of a time out there. Just read the last few posts, and I gotta say, I’m jealous. I’m headed back to the States in a bit over a month for a few weeks, but I’d much rather have a less urban trip!

    Are you coming back to Syd at all? Send me an email if you have it.


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