So this is paradise? (What “The Beach” looks like today)

21 Jul

Suffice to say “The Beach” was pretty packed today. Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have filled out a bit however. He chose to hover with a camera at the shoreline, his bulging beer gut hanging over his bright blue speedos in full view of the masses, all of whom were struggling to find a spot to swim amongst the bobbing speed boats.

Maya Bay, where Danny Boyle chose to film the scenes of utter Eden for the movie back in 2000, was once a solitary beach paradise, a tropical bliss in the middle of the turquoise ocean that was hard to reach and even harder to leave. Today however, it looks like this:

Perhaps it was a tad naive of me to think the Intrepid explorers and I would actually descend in paradise when we stepped off our noisy, diesel-guzzling speedboat this morning as part of our Phi Phi day trip. But hmm, I wasn’t really expecting the essence of Skegness on a Saturday.

An added treat was a bunch of blokes in turbans doing star jumps…

Wikipedia says the beach seen in the film is not the same as it is in real life anyway. A lot was added with special effects during post production and apparently crew members flattened the beach with a tractor and added a few palm trees, just to give it that extra zing. The Tsunami of 2004 put it right again, as nature tends to do, whipping it up and reshaping it back its former glory. Well…  I’m sure it’s glorious at night, anyway, when there’s no one on it. But in the day, it’s just more of this, really:

I did manage to get a couple of nice shots of my new (younger obviously) friends looking hot in their bikinis. It’s a shame you can see half the global population of Japan, the UK and America behind them. Maybe we can fix it up somehow… bring it back to its Hollywood movie splendour. Is anyone any good at Photoshop?

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