iPhone Getaway: Ubud Hanging Gardens video exploration

19 Jun


I’m making like Jill Dando did before…. well. I’ve been told that Getaway has slashed its staff so I’m here to prove that anyone can be a holiday show presenter. Sort of. Maybe.

I had a great short but extremely sweet stay at the impressive Ubud Hanging Gardens resort last night. Granted it was FULL of honeymooners. I was like a leper on an island full of non-diseased people. At one point I had to sit at a table in the middle of a busy restaurant and eat by myself, with only my book to read. Not even in the corner of the room, ya know, away from the curious glances. IN THE MIDDLE. I felt like a right spaz. It’s all very well being a single solo traveller when you’re at a hostel, surrounded by other solo, single travellers. It’s enlightening, fulfilling, enriching! But when you’re on your own in a couple’s resort with nowhere to run, well….

Still, fuck it, lesson learned, eh! This resort is GORGEOUS and I can only look forward to the day I return with someone else, haha! Seriously stunning place surrounded by a huge forest, with a great walk up to a temple which towers over it all. It’s like the kind of place Tarzan might have taken Jane to, to woo her, with the promise of eternity sipping cocktails round infinity pools.

And I still managed to have an awesome time with my iPhone (ahem).

I will be writing my proper TravelEditor review shortly…

Terima Kasih!!!

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