To those who’ve ordered Burqalicious from Amazon…

11 Mar

There has apparently been a mistake. I’m sure the people behind Amazon are just really very busy, but hmmmm, according to the publishers at HarperCollins, Amazon do not have the right to distribute Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries for at least six months, which is why those who have ordered it are being told it’s not yet in stock, and/or not yet available! Sorry folks. You might be waiting a while for the goods.

The reason for this is that HarperCollins Australia have to try and get a publisher to pick it up in the other markets, and they have six months to do this (I thought I had deadlines!). It’s only if no one wants to publish it overseas that HarperCollins will release the rights for alternative distribution. Hoping this won’t happen (eek!) but sorry to those who’ve ordered already and paid good money.

Let’s take action!

Get on the phone to Amazon, email them and make your voice heard! If you have an account you can contact them here

If enough people want to read it and can’t get hold of it, publishers might get wind of the fact that Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries needs to printed OUTSIDE OF AUSTRALIA. Plus, if you have already ordered and paid for it, you deserve your copy sooner. They might make special allowances… if they’re feeling nice. No promises.

The book has already been doing really well… yesterday I learned that it was listed in the Most Mentioned section of every publisher and bookseller’s bible – The Blue Newsletter, which means that thanks to all this social networking, and your fabulous support, things are already looking pretty good. YAY! Shameless self-promotion pays off… hey, there’s a lesson for all of us. 😉

But I still want all my lovely friends and Dubai folk, and those who are interested in Dubai (or at least my somewhat debauched version of it) to be able to read it, obviously.

The Kindle is still your friend, but if you want to hold its glossy, golden goodness in your hands in full page-laden format, you’re gonna have to wait, unless you complain, now.

Get on the phone and be heard! And thanks for all your support in this exciting time! xoxo

One Response to “To those who’ve ordered Burqalicious from Amazon…”

  1. Ellen Welch March 22, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    Amazon have now cancelled my order “item is no longer available” How Rude!

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