The Secret of “poor”…

10 Feb

Today I discovered that just because you like to think you’re free to do nice things, doesn’t mean you actually are. Shocking, isn’t it! According to my book ‘The Secret’ which I devoured faster than a king size block of Cadburys not so long ago (and consequently bought for all my friends), the laws of attraction should mean that thinking about money coming into your life, makes it appear.

I love this notion. I lapped up when I read the words of the wise and spiritual people on the pages; totally believed them when they assured me that the universe will indeed deliver each and every one of us exactly what we want, as long as we believe it will, and go about life with a positive attitude.

I’m in the middle of planning my trip to Laos in the hope of finding my husband, who may or may not have come to me in a vision from God yesterday (see previous post on topic). BUT… and perhaps this is because I selfishly ignored the rest of God’s message about how He’s chosen me as one of the otherwise useless people He wants to help save the world in the event of a forthcoming natural disaster… the universe has thrown an irritating couple of spanners in the works. The friend who’s supposed to be coming with me is only able to leave work in April, which is the most expensive time to go anywhere. AND, on top of that, I checked my bank balance and it appears that I’m poor. Way too poor to be jetting off to Laos, whether I go on Saturday as originally planned, or ever. Which is shit.

Apparently the planet won’t pay for me to book a 16 day jaunt round Asia, just because I want to go and find my man. I KNOW!! Rubbish. According to the book, I should be able to subsidize my ridiculously luxurious lifestyle, just by envisioning that it’s possible. But it’s a LIE.

ANZ tell me otherwise, you see. ANZ tell me I can’t afford to jet off on a hubby hunt, and that I should probably stop being a spaz, and get a job. Hmph. As much as I seriously love this book, today, it has let me down. 😦

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