Everything scary about Australia…

13 Jan

… seems to be congregating in and around poor Brisbane right now. The whole of Queensland is still suffering at the mercy of these devastating floods, but making things worse is the fact that everything people fear about Aussie’s natural world is also making an appearance.

Giants bugs and hideous spiders seeking refuge are popping up all over the place. Yesterday a croc was reported in the swelling river, and today, not only did Telstra technicians looking into fixing busted telecommunications networks in Queensland discover these red bellied black snakes all over the place (aarrrgh!!), but people are now seeing SHARKS swimming round the streets. Bull sharks to be precise.

Is this bull? Hmmm, well, some people seem to think so. It’s an ongoing debate on my twitter feed as I type…

A local man in Goodna called Steve Bateman, reportedly spotted a shark swimming around shops this morning. JAYSUS! He didn’t say which shops, but it conjures a frightening image, doesn’t it? As if losing people, numerous residences and millions of dollars in property isn’t horrifying enough, sufferers now have to watch for fins in the floodwaters, in shops! It’s like Jaws mixed with Clueless. Awful.

Bull sharks apparently can survive in fresh water, so the floods are now providing free entry to residential areas. It’s a veritable theme-park compared to what they’re used to. They must be loving it. A few days ago these monstrous beasts were just cruising along, snapping at fish and the odd shopping trolley, but now they’ve got all kinds of things to look at. And eat. (Gulp)

Let’s just hope everyone’s getting to safe places before anything else horrid happens. BE SAFE, BRISBANE xxx

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