Oooh, look what I just got…

22 Dec

It’s an e-Christmas card from the “visa people” – the ones who fucked up my visa request, leaving me in total panic mode and thinking I’d have to move to New Zealand. Luckily they then informed me I could apply after all, then fucked up the paperwork, then made it right, then told me I’d need to pay $300 for a medical, then told me I didn’t need it, then granted me a visa. They’re so shit over there that it’s no wonder they didn’t have much time to create a decent Christmas card. This has to be the shittest one EVER. It would be shit if they’d sent it in the mail, but the fact that it’s an e-card is even worse. All those options out there, all those fancy images, flashy graphics and jingles, and they choose this. Did they scan it from a card someone’s gran sent in the 70s?

I don’t like the visa people very much. They can shove their crappy card up their inbox. Bah humbug.

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