Affluent Arabs on speed…

27 Oct

If those affluent Arabs want speed, thrills and the ability to judge nice cars in light of buying a few more of their own… well, why not devote 200,000 square-metres of desert to the dream? I guess there’s plenty of room. Who cares if your wife/girlfriend/babies and kids will have to stand on the sidelines in a torturous cave full of air-con and car sounds, screaming in terror as you whiz about around them, loop-the-looping all over the joint, instead of taking them to Disney World?

Yes. It must be a fabulous feeling indeed for everyone involved in Ferrari World, the largest indoor theme park on the planet (naturally), which opened today in Abu Dhabi.

Other “family friendly” activities on offer at this brand new attraction in the middle of nowhere are:

  • A tower ride that shoots riders 203 feet in the air, enabling all involved to feel the same G-forces as a racing driver.
  • A gourmet Italian restaurant.
  • The option of walking through a Ferrari paddock, handling tools used during races and perhaps training to be part of a pit crew, for example, learning how to change tyres on an F1 car.

WOAH! I wish my mum and dad would’ve taken me somewhere like this when I was a kid instead of that effing Flamingo Land. What were they thinking, lubing me up with McFlurries and sticking me on a merry-go-round when I could have tucked into a nice Zabaglione ice cream and puked up my balsamic blueberries on a gravity-defying ride of doom, previously mastered only by astronauts and Michael Schumacher? How dare they have patronized me with the ghost train, when I could have been perfecting the craft of car maintenance? Jeeeeeez. I missed out.

Anyway, it’s lovely that they’ve finished something for once. Good luck with this Abu Dhabi. Let us know how it goes for you.

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