A very thoughtful gift…

26 Oct

Woweeeee, I am so excited! Look what I got given tonight! Not one but TWO pens with HarperCollins Australia engraved on them, plus a letter. How nice is that?! Awwww, I feel so lucky now. I’ll be framing this letter and putting it on my wall, along with my balloon ride survival certificate and the one congratulating me for lowering myself 80 feet below Fremantle prison last month. I LOVE PENS!!!

The letter says they hope I’ll use them to sign some copies when the book’s published, which is very nice, isn’t it? Even though… I hate to say it, it sort of makes me nervous. Eeeek. Well, there’s a strange discomfort that comes with being gifted such items, you know? It seems like a lovely way of saying welcome to the company, good luck with the book and all that… which it is of course. But what if the book doesn’t sell at all? Shit. Seriously… if that happens I’ll feel especially bad now, like I’ve let them down… I mean, they’ve given me some nice pens! The least I can do is not be a complete failure.

God, I hope I don’t fuck up.

Awww, I really do love them though. This is almost as good as when I started work at McDonalds and they gave me unlimited extra value meals for free! Imagine. I thought life couldn’t get much better. But then it did… at least in the career stakes. And plus, these pens are much better for my arse than complimentary quarter pounders. What a thoughtful present. Yay!

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2 Responses to “A very thoughtful gift…”

  1. Emma Kreft at 6:11 pm #

    I am so so proud of you Miss Wicks! You are Dubai’s version of Carrie Bradshaw but I will always remember you when we worked in McDonald’s and spent many a night chatting in Lincoln xxx


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