Waiting on armpits…

29 Mar

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged – I started one last summer but only lasted a few posts because I happened to choose the most complicated fucking blog host in the entire world, so I’m coming back to blogspot, who served as a trusy companion for a few years before I switched to livejournal, after which Dubai banned me altogether from the blogosphere! Swines! Maybe I can fish my old blogs from wherever they’re lurking in cyberspace at some point. It would be such a shame to lose all those words – I spent hours slacking off in my day jobs, writing those. Hmmm…

Anyway… since I left Dubai, things in my world have been slightly more normal. Well, if you count staying late at night to wait for radio presenters to lick each other’s armpits as normal. This is what I’m doing right now. I am waiting to film one undetermined person lick another undetermined person’s armpit, with a camera. And then I will do my very best to upload said footage to a website, because it will make people laugh (probably) and because this is the kind of thing that’s now paying my rent in Sydney. Sometimes I think this place is upside down in a lot more ways than one.

Normal is a word I don’t really know the meaning of anymore, if I’m honest. I actually thought something like this would be a normal job, back when I was in Dubai… back when I couldn’t even write the word “wine” without fearing the wrath of an angry Arab, or my ex boss accusing me of corrupting an entire city with one little restaurant review. The idea of a normal job is somewhat skewed in my mind at this point but I’m taking this experience for what it is and hoping I don’t barf when I have to zoom in on a sweaty armpit.


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